Georgy Award Judges Application Info

Over the past year, the Georgy Awards Committee has been undertaking succession planning to ensure the Georgy Awards Association and the Awards Night continue to exist into the future.  

From Saturday 16 October 2021, all Georgy Awards judging positions will be declared vacant for both Junior and Senior sections. 

Eight judging positions are available in Senior and Junior Sections (4 x senior, 4 x junior). 

An interview process will occur with a panel of members of the Georgy Awards Committee either in person or online. Applications will be kept on file for future vacancies. All applications will remain confidential and information stored as per privacy requirements. 

Fixed term periods are in effect. Maximum three year terms have been introduced with a staggered tenure of 1x one year position, 1x two year position and 2x three year positions, initially, to ensure continuity of experienced judges. Post fulfilling a judging position for the nominated tenure, a gap of three years must be observed before reapplication to a position as a judge.  A visual representation of the staggered judging positions can be found here.

Previous and current Georgy Awards Judges are eligible to apply in both Senior and Junior Sections. 

Key Selection Criteria 

  • Minimum age – adult 18+ 
  • Residency within the Georgy Awards catchment area. Click here to see the Georgy catchment area.
  • Demonstrated, relevant experience in several facets of theatre. Previous involvement in more than one aspect of the production process to give a rounded overview. i.e. on stage, backstage experience, direction, stage management, producer, set design/building, choreography, costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, musicianship/vocal expertise. 
  • It is a requirement that attendance occurs at numerous productions throughout the theatre calendar year, November – October annually. In a typical year there are approximately 20 senior and 15 junior shows attended. 
  • Understanding that it is an expectation that plays, cabaret/concerts and musicals are attended and judged. 
  • An understanding that these positions are totally voluntary and there is extensive travel required (up to 2.5 hours each way) to attend productions – there is fuel reimbursement available for drivers. 
  • Understanding of confidentiality, impartiality, theatre etiquette and that the position is as a representative of the Georgy Awards Association.  

Applicants are invited to email and address the key selection criteria above by 5pm on Friday 16 July 2021. 

Interviews will occur after this time and decisions and announcements made prior to October 2021.