Emerging Young Artist Grant Application Form

    The Emerging Young Artist Grant
    presented by Goulburn Murray Credit Union

    The Goulburn Murray Credit Union is proud to provide the Emerging Young Artist Grant as part of our commitment to encouraging arts participation and performance.

    The Goulburn Murray Credit Union, in conjunction with the Georgy Awards Association Inc., offers this grant for students in their final years of secondary education. Open to VCE students (or any equivalent mode of study), candidates can be either self-nominated or nominated by their relevant schools or through involvement in the local performing arts community.

    The annual cash grant of $2000 is awarded to a young artist who shows interest in furthering studies in the performing arts and is to be used for costs associated with development, travel or tuition in pursuit of their chosen artistic field.

    To ensure a successful delivery to the Georgy Awards Association of your application, please use a laptop or desktop to complete. Confirmation of your application will be sent to you once the Association has confirmed all sections are correctly filled in.

    Applications close Saturday 14 October 2023 at 5 pm.

    Applicant Details

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    Area of Interest

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    Primary Referee Details

    Previous Performance Experience*

    Please provide the school/group, name, year, and character played for each production.


    Please provide the field, teacher/tutor, and years(s) for each.

    Current Involvement*

    In a brief paragraph, please outline to us your interests/work/participation that you are involved in, in your performing arts community.


    Applications should:
    a) be supported by the nominees’ respective school or performing arts group;
    b) have a valid reason for wanting the grant;
    c) be able to demonstrate passion and commitment to their field of choice.

    Candidates will be assessed through their involvement in the performing arts up to and including 2022, demonstration of previous experience highlights the nominee’s commitment to performing arts.

    Applications close Saturday 14 October 2023 at 5 pm.

    Please attach the following:

    Comments from Performing Arts Teacher (.doc or .pdf only - must be under 1mb)*

    Personal Reference

    (someone other than a Teacher or Performing Arts Group Leader; suggested persons include Employers or Organisation Leaders outside the Arts field)

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    Please acknowledge: