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    Category of Your Production

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    Information About Performers


    • The maximum age for performers in junior productions to be eligible for judging is 19 years of age at time of performance.

    • The Georgy Awards do not judge productions presented by primary schools.

    • Those being judged for awards cannot receive payment for services rendered other than a nominal fee for travel purposes. If you are unsure as to what this may entail, please ask.


    • All applications must be accompanied by either; a cheque for $100 to cover the application fee OR EFT transaction details.

    Acccount Name: Georgy Awards
    BSB: 803 078         Acc: 39460

    Payment Method


    • Applications must be received 28 DAYS PRIOR to the production in judgment’s opening night. The Georgy Committee have the right to refuse judging if the application is late.

    • Judging will only take place on Opening Night where possible. If roles are double cast, please put your preferred performer onstage when judging is to occur.

    • The cut off date for judging is Friday 6 October 2023.

    Acknowledgment in your program

    • The following statement must be printed in your program: “This production is being judged for the 50th Annual Georgy Awards, to be presented in 2023”.